Hand-activated "foot" pedal?

--I've seen Ernie's button arrangement to turn power on and off at the TIG torch, but what I'm looking for is something that allows changes in power while welding. I've seen controls that mount on the torch and do this, but I'm thinking it would make more sense to hold this control in the other hand; i.e. the one that's holding the rod! Has anyone come across anything like this?

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Our not-too-long-ago discussion of remote controls (very overpriced from the manufacturers, considering what's in them, with detailed discussion of what is in them for DIY) should be handy in the archives (dejanews, which is really google now).

Thus, easy to build your own - get appropriate connector, potentiometer, switch, wire - build to suit. Most of the torch-mounted commercial ones could probably be freehanded or mounted on a dummy handle, depending on shape/size, if you care to waste over $100 (the bare minimum excess profit beyond what's reasonable considering the parts _and_ a resonable profit on factory remotes).

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