Please recommend.. goggle style shade

Ok, I am working on exhaust system all the time, but in my garage so
the car is not up high. Many times I can't get the helmet to fit
right while I'm down there. Or it just touch my nose etc. Hard to
describe. Completely clumbersome.
I end up welding (at least tack) with my eye's closed and no helmet
sometimes. :P
So should I just go to the hardware store and get their goggle that
have flip up darkened lens, so I can manuver under the car EASILY and
still have a shade for my eyes when I weld. I guess everything has
their own use.
Should I just get shade 9 for a 110V baby MIG 125 amp max. I always
use shade 9 on my auto darken helmet.
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- jeremy (jj3000) - spluttered in news:
Whatever you do, wear ear protection. The sound of a piece of slag rolling down your ear canal "can" be a once in a lifetime event.
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Greg M
For your own protection I would recomend that you spend your money on taller or heavier jack stands, and you will be able to use the proper helmet. The radiation burns to your face may not show now but in ten years you will see signs of the burns you received now.
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Greg Jordison

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