Harbor Freight inverter adventures with stick

Ok .. I wasn't as stupid as I thought and I didn't toss the stinger handle with the box :) I got to try the little inverter today with some 6011 1/8" rod. I am again impressed with it. The stick ran great and it had lots of power for the welds I did. I even ran some on 1/4" plate and had good penetration. It is still nasty compared to the TIG but it will run stick much better than I remember my old A/C 250 amp buzzbox. Interesting how the lift arc works with stick. You touch it for a second and lift and poof you have a fire. Seems you have to play the arc a bit till it makes a puddle but after it puddles you can shove it in at a pretty good rate. All that because somebody asked .. I will probably never run stick on it again :) YMMV Glenn

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