Rustbuster rod?

Does anyone have experience with the "Rustbuster Rod" by US forge. The user
sheet claims it welds all dirty steels, all positions. The rod has a rough
brown coating.
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Sounds like 6010 more or less.
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I have seen that product but never used it. I would go with ordinary 6011 in such a situation. It freezes fast, has good penetration and works with either AC or DC. Run it on the higher end of the amperage range and push the puddle with a stepping motion to burn off the junk.
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Tom Kendrick
Nutcase 'ere once found two pieces of metal with something like 2mm of water-saturated scale on them and tried welding them "as they were" with a 6011 rod to see what would happen - and got a sound weld with silver weld bead joining the two pieces of filthy iron. The arc had burned a channel like "the parting of the Red Sea" through the thick oxide. Several years ago. Richard Smith
Tom Kendrick writes:
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Richard Smith
And I really believe that the technique you used accounted for at least half of the success. Yes, there are some rods that just plain would not have done the same thing. But, getting a puddle and "burning it in" at the right points has a lot to do with being successful or not.
i.e. Ten people could have welded the same thing with different results.
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Steve B

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