"Drag Rod" ??

I have read of something called "Drag Rod" an electrode for those who need to weld, but don't know how to make a decent weld.

What is it? Does it have a AWS type number?


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Drag rod just means the flux burns back slower than the filler wire so there is always a crown of flux to keep the steel wire from actually touching the base metal. Many rods today demonstrate this feature.

6013, 7014, and 7024 are a few.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

E7024 flat and horizontal. Sometimes known as a "Jet Rod". You can go to sleep with welding with this one.

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Paul Wilson

I think most guys mean 7014 when referring to either "farmer's rod" or "drag rod". 7014 is really easy rod to run in the horizontal position, and gives acceptable weld strengths. I used it for years exclusively until I learned to weld better. Now I mainly use 6010 or 7018 rod. On steel, of course.


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Grant Erwin

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