Hardface tiller tines?

Since my Troy-Bilt tiller is of course being used to till dirt the tines don't stay real sharp for long. I thought about hardfacing the cutting edges of the tines but the tines are of course some type of hardened steel. Anybody know if the tines can be hardfaced? Thanks, Eric

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Probably. Hardfacing is often applied to hardened cutting edges. They may not be quite the same afterwards, but the point of the process is that the hardfacing is supposed to be better. Try to find an ag engineering site and review how to correctly apply hardfacing to tillage tools - you do not want to apply it to both sides of the edge - you apply it to the side of the edge more prone to wear, leaving the other side steel, and then it "wears sharp" - applied to both sides you get a big dull thing that hard to sharpen - or so said the ag engineering folks that taught me to weld.

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email me off list. I have quite a stock of hardface alloys.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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