Hobbyist needs help

Hi, I am an hobbyist and wont to learn to silver braze small parts, less
than 1/2 lbs.
I have Googled and yellow paged to find a welding supply store near Austin
TX but no luck.
Anyone know of a store that sell brazing supplies and perhaps give some
simple directions.
I have not tried yet but I have a TS4000 torch that can burn MAPP gas, is
that OK?
The flame has about four tongues and does not look right to me, is there a
need for a different tip?
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I live in Austin and would be happy to show you how to braze. I have done a fair amount of brazing, and along with a small oxy/fuel setup, I also have MIG and TIG welders.
How small are the parts? I have a 'Little Torch' which is designed for very small parts. I have no knowledge or experience with MAPP however.
I live in NW Austin, and am available most weekends. Send me an email at emmo at austin dot rr dot com and lets get together...
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