Interesting practice by my community college

Well. Its the "Grumpy Old Fart" syndrome, I got it too - we remember how things used to be, rather than come to terms with how they are. My college - "self paced learning modules" - which translates to a stack of books to answer questions from, without any real understanding of the process. You can ask an instructor for help, but hes usually doing paperwork originated by the CEO of the college, as they get funding proportional to the numbers going through. Is it a crap system? - yes, if your not motivated to desperately learn all you can as you realise you wont have the chance again. Is it open to abuse - well, sort of. Cheat sheets for the books are avaialble if you want them. Most dont.
There is still a strong prac component, you do a piece, the instructor measures it, and if it aint in the specified tolerance, its rejected and you do it again (or piss off if you cant handle it)
Add to this, trade teachers are lowly paid in relation to "real" teachers, theres a lot of crap due to "economic rationalisation" TQM, "performance monitoring" - bloody hell, you all know the modern essentially meaningless catchphrases. So, your left with the ones who are bloody good and WANT to teach, and I am greatful for this in my efforts.
Point of this RANT - nothing really, the world is as it is and none of us here can change it. We have to adapt, or be like the dinosaurs and die out. Depressing thought, aint it.
Andrew VK3BFA.
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No, because I try to live life by my own standards, and when it is all over, I will be able to face whatever judgement I am given. And in the meantime, I live in my own little fishbowl that I can control.
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well said!
"Obama, raises taxes and kills babies. Sarah Palin - raises babies and kills taxes." Pyotr Flipivich
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Gunner Asch

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