LF/WTB: 220V MIG variac supply and welding resale fluctation advice on fair market value

If any of you have a used 220V MIG with a variable power supply that's
taking up room, please get in touch so we can chat. Yes, I know this isn't
the place for these listings and I do apologize. Perhaps you more seasoned
professionals could point me to some decent classifieds that would have
machines like Lincoln 175 Plus, Miller 175s, Hobart Handlers (did they ever
make a variac supply for this machine?).
What would FMV be for a used Lincoln 175 Plus?? Someone here is asking
$1000 CDN. Is that reasonable?? It seems high but I don't know what kind
of depreciation is accepted in the welding resale market... Anyone??
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and make sure you specify what region you live in. I think the default search site is San Francisco - which is waaaay too far for me to drive to pick something up (Texas kid).
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"AWN" wrote:
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Thanks for the Craigslist suggestion. I have been checking it regularly and right you are about SF being too far for me also.
Thanks, Andrew.
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