Lincoln wire-matic 255 feed/speed problem

We have a Lincoln wire-matic 255 mig welder. Lately it has developed a
problem, as follows: when the operator presses a trigger, it starts
feeding the wire way too slowly, for about a second, then it instantly
increases the speed to the proper speed and stays at that speed.
This happens every time and is very consistent. The proper speed
should be attained right away instead of a delay.
I tested the motor alone, it runs fine.
Any idea what may be wrong with it. I have my own ideas, but I do not
want to share them so as not to pre-judge anyone.
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It is not slipping. It was a board problem.
I had a junk wire-matic 255 (similar model but not identical to this 250).
I took a board out of it, which looked similar enough, replaced the board, and now our welder runs great again.
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Have you tried an .045" liner on .035 wire? I used to never use anything but .045, and it takes a long time before it gunks up. Try one. What have you got to lose? At least you'd have a new liner in there, even if that was not your problem.
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Steve, it did the same thing even with the wire completely removed. It was not a liner problem. It was a board problem -- I swapped a board from a junk Linxoln 255 (similar but not identical) and it works great now.
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Could someone tell me where i can acquire this board as i have the same problem with a lincoln wire matic 255
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Hi. Some smart people told me that tere is nothing wrong with the board, but it has a very odd way of changing board settings, and they got messed up.
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