Mig gas setting?

Could you tell me what the gas setting should be on a Miller 135? There about. I only found one article that said 20 - 30 CFH. So I set it @ 25, then I talked to a fiend in welding school and he suggested trying 20 so I did not use up as much gas. I am using 030 wire.

I will be welding 063 and 1/8 thick tubing mostly after I fix the stock panel gate with thick wall conduit that the horses flattened by pawing for there food at feeding time.

What is your thoughts?

Do I need to adjust the gas that much to the thickness of stock just like the temp and speed? or just leave it once it is set?

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Your friend is giving you good advice. You will realize that you are going cheap on your gas if you start to get porosity in your welds. In drafty conditions you might need as much as

  1. Normally you should not have to touch the flow regulator once it is set. Randy
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