Millermatic 210 good for a newbie?

I have several small projects to do and believe that a mig welder would be my best choice. Is the Millermatic a good choice or should I be looking at Hobart, Lincoln, etc? While my current projects are small, I want to make sure that whichever welder I buy will be able to handle the bigger projects when I am ready for them. This welder will be used in my auto repair shop. Any and all advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Joe B
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Hobart is owned by the same company as Miller and tends to be a slightly cheaper consumer line.

The choice is really between Miller and Lincoln. Both make good machines.

Buy whichever one you can get a better price on.

I think Miller has better spoolguns.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

The Miller versus Lincoln debate is the same as the chevy v.s. ford

Buy the better deal...thinking of parts/supplies availibility and price

We tend to buy Millers cuz the sales/service/support rep. is a great guy and gets us great deals

Also, they are made in Appleton, WI. and we are in Green Bay....about 40 minutes away


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I got a 210 couple of years ago when Miller had a deal going that included a spoolgun.

It has performed very well and I have no reservations recommending it.


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I bought the predecessor to the 210, the Millermatic 200. I owned it for ten years. I only put new guns on it. It never even wore out the original contactor points, although it was used heavily for ornamental metal and awning frame fabrication.

I would buy the 210 with confidence.

I liked the original writer saying that he wanted to buy something that he wouldn't outgrow. I am a strong proponent for that, having seen many times when a guy would outgrow his machine, they be back buying another.

I personally own the Lincoln 175SP+. I like it for the most part. But the

210 is also a very good machine, and you can get a spoolgun for it if you want to do aluminum.


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