New Lincoln hood eval.

Lincoln sent me a new auto-darkening hood to evaluate, a model series
1840. I just got it last night and haven't yet had a chance to weld
with it. But a preliminary examination and looking through the lens in
Grind Mode makes me think the lens is going to be a good one. The lens
is so distortion free that I can easily read the fine print on a can
of Brakleen. And it's pretty damn fine. Looking at bright lights when
the lens is dark I can see no difference in the brightness of the
lights. It is both solar and battery powered and the battery is easily
replaced. About time. On my other hoods with batteries buried inside
when the batteries finally go bad the helmet doesn't work as well and
I have taken the lens units apart, removed the batteries, then brought
wires out to new battery holders mounted on the exterior of the lens
unit. After putting 40 hours on it I will post more results.
DISCLOSURE: I didn't pay for this hood, it was offered to me to test
by a Lincoln representative. I will need to fill out paperwork with my
evaluation, but I would have done that anyway. And what I tell Lincoln
and what I post here will be my honest and complete opinion.
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On Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 11:17:06 AM UTC-8, wrote :
Just curious - do you live on Whidbey Island? I am asking because my son-in -law does and he recently asked me about welding as a repair on a small alu minum boat he has and whether he could use a small stick/tig DC inverter I got him for Christmas to attempt welding aluminum. I told him no, he should find a qualified welder with an aluminum-capable tig welder. Maybe he shou ld talk to you?
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Yeah, he should talk to someone with an AC tig welder. Me for example. Or Jim at Irish Welding. Ilive on the south end, Jim lives between Freeland and Bayview. Eric
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