Old Lincoln Shieldarc

I was at a steam tractor show yesterday, back in the other exibits was a diesel powered vintage Lincoln Shield Arc welder. Any one have some info on it? (it was for sale!)

Info: Diesel powered, had 'Hercules' on the exhaust manifold casting but 'Shieldarc Diesel' on the crankcase cover casting. Gas pony engine for starting run through a double 'V' belt, right angle drive and a bendix engagement. Generator end was "SAE RATED 300 amps" at 40 volts and

1400rpm. Control box was calibrated to 375 amps.

The owner had torn it down, replaced one cylinder liner (reused the piston), one injector, and the usual cleaning and painting. Eninge ran perfectly, at idle you could almost count the revs.

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Roy, do you know how much the seller wanted for it? Did you buy it or are you interested in doing so? If not, contact me offline and advise me of the seller's contact information if you still have it. I might be interested in buying it. I collect old shorthood SA 200's and this sounds like an early predecessor. Bruce

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Not sure what the price was, he had a sign on it "For Sale or trade for

3 bottom tractor" From the conversation, I somewhat doubt that he really wanted to get rid of it. He and his somwhat elderly father had done extensive work on it, but the machine was really too big and heavy for the son's actual needs.

What I was really w> RoyJ wrote:

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