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I'm getting closer to purchasing a HyperTherm 1000 setup. I have noticed they're quoted with hand torch and machine torch. Would the machine torch be the straight one that would be used with a CNC setup? Looks like it.

Also, it specifies, "newest, greatest, best thing since sliced bread" (just about) G3 torch. Is this something to watch for and buy if offered? Is it a better torch? If so, how. And lastly, they sell a fine cut consumable package. Would this be what I would need to make fine cuts in thin materials, such as PlasmaCam cutouts on 1/8" to 3/16" plate?

Are the tips like those on OA cutting torches where you want the smaller ones with smaller orifices for thinner materials?


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You'd need the machine torch for a CNC setup.

Everyone says you really really want the G3 torch. I don't know why - it's on mine and it works great.

Fine cut consumables are indeed for - fine cutting. Just like you say.

I'm not aware of any direct parallel between different plasma consumables and O/A cutting tip orifice sizes.

FWIW, I have the HT1000G3 and absolutely love it. So does at least one other member on here, whenever anyone posts spare consumables he and I race to get 'em. I think I'm about done stockpiling spare consumables - I have an entire shoebox full, probably way over $1000 list. My problem is if I have some cool stuff like brand new shiny plasma consumables it makes me feel rich so I want more and I never want to use the ones I have. I've been fighting this tendency for most of my life.


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Grant Erwin


Definitely go for the G3 torch. It's better in every way.

The fine cut consumables are better with thin stuff. But they only need to be used on really thin stuff (less than 1/8").

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Wayne Cook

Boy, do I understand that! I have to tell myself all the time that I bought the stuff to use it. Funny.


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Despite what everyone says about a "machine torch" for CNC, please check the specs for the PlasmaCAM unit you want to buy. Nearly every one of the low to upper middle end plasma tables I've seen use the regular hand torch, not the machine torch.

As far as I know the only way you'd get something other than the G3 torch on a PowerMax 1000 is if you got very old stock. I got my 1000 a year ago and it had the G3 torch. They migrated the G3 down from the big units down to the smaller ones and I think at this point all the models come with the G3.

As far as I know, the fine cut consumables are strictly for use on relatively thin materials and are particularly popular for art type stuff. The regular consumables are suitable for just about everything else.

There is a plasmacutting yahoo group that has a good amount of info and some regulars who are employees of Hypertherm and others. Good place to ask more questions and mine info.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

I'm in the group and own a CNC plasma cam machine. We all use hand torches but a new system PLASMACAM company uses the machine unit. Some do and some don't.


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