*Powerful* Hobart 135!

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If you outfit this rig with the tank they suggest. Heh heh heh

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The line at the top of the page says, "The Power To Change Your World". Guess they really mean that...

I'm a short time lurker who just bought a Lincoln SP135P and am taking on some automotive projects (brackets, motor and trans mount and such). I've found the group to be very helpful so far.

I'm starting with Argon and CO2 in the tank first, though. I'll wait a bit before moving on to "Accetalyne"...



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Peter Grey

Oh my, oh my.

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David Todtman

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Jamie Arnold (W)

You guys are not being fair. Please note that the ad says the "acetalene" tank is NOT included. How are you going to have a problem with something they do NOT include?

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Leo Lichtman

Har! Har! That must have been written by a sales drone, or an advertising executive!

Steve R.

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