Punched channel, 3/4 pickets, gate issues....

Awl --

It looks I'm going to be making my own bi-fold driveway gate.

I prefer 3/4 pickets (tube), for the more substantial appearance, but I'm wondering how much of a selection for 3/4"-type ornamentals there is -- iirc, most of the ornamental doodads are for 1/2".

Also, I see punched channel is available for 3/4 pickets in 4, 5, and 6" spacings. Which one is best for standard ornamentals?

To make the gate look better, I'm going to "clamshell" two pieces of punched channel, to make it look like solid bar, and auto-body putty in the seam, rather than full-weld it. Some welding, of course. Good idea?

Lastly, since the gate will be a bi-fold (4 panels total, each about 3x6), would it make sense to put a "J" type track along the header, for support and to make the opening process a little neater? What is this called exactly? Is this a good idea? Pita?

Oh, one more lastly:

Yonkers has a 6' fence height limit, before requiring a permit. Would this apply to a driveway gate, as well? To my surprise, I noticed that my pickup (with roofrack) is a tad over 6', and that a cargo van is about 6'6"!! So I think I should make the header

*at least* 6'6". And the header itself will add height!! Will Yonkers likely bust my my already-sore hump??

Or, mebbe I could make the header removeable, to pass any vehicle....


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I have no idea what you are babbling about. 3/4" accessories are readily available. The ultimate source for decorative fencing parts:

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You can get 3/4" solid pickets and also some suppliers have 3/4" tube pickets, to save weight.

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