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I've noticed a number of recommendations in the past for AGLEVTECH, who sells tungstens and other TIG supplies on eBay and through a website. For those of you who have dealt with him, have you had any problems with lack of communication? The reason I ask is that I sent an email to the address on his website, asking a couple of simple questions (do you have a phone? do you accept phone orders?). After nearly a week, I have not received a response. Even though the guy has a good selection and reasonable prices, I'm leery: if he doesn't respond to a potential new customer, what are the odds he'll respond after he has my money if there's a problem with my order?

The follow-up question is: are there other mail-order or e-business firms you recommend for TIG supplies? (My local welding supply shops don't seem to offer much.)

Thanks. Bert

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I have ordered from:

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with good results. Their prices are not quite as good as AGLEVTECH lists, but they had some other stuff I wanted and I could get everything in one order. Several friends have had good luck with tigdepot as well.


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I have had good luck with them, small orders on consumables ect. Very happy with them, fast delivery, no rip-off shipping charges.


Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.

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As long as you're paying with a credit card, even via PayPal or whatever, I'd not be very concerned. If you don't get the product you ordered it's fairly easy to get the CC company to refund your money, particularly since most CCs have some sort of online fraud guarantee.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

Bert wrote in news:

Ordered five packs, no problem.

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Dev Null

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