Re: how to make wake board rack for a boat?

Hi Glen, may I suggest that you do not try to bend 2" aluminum tubes on your own without proper equipment. Look for a shop equipped and able to do the bending for you and outsource (subcontract) this part of the job. Make sure that you pick a weldable aluminum alloy. Good luck. E.L.

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Hi All, > > I'm a new to welding and I'm taking a class from > the community college (oxy-acetylene and arc). I > plan on taking the second semester class too (mig > and tig). > > I'm thinking about a future project for a friend's > boat. He wants one of those tall racks for pulling > a wake boarder, speakers, lights etc for his > Yamaha boat. > > I've looked at others from a distance, but they > generally appear to be made from aluminum > tubing. > > I expect to leard how to perform the welding > from class, but how do I bend 2" aluminum tubing? > > Does anybody have experience with a project like > this? > > Thanks, > Glen Hein
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Elia Levi
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Hi Glen.....just to add my 2 cents you sure that the rack in question is aluminum.?? Most of the ones I see on boats are made of stainless far as bending the stainless tubing (if you decide to go with stainless instead) I suggest going to a muffler shop as they have bending machines for exhaust pipe.... hope I was of some help...Jim

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Jim & Lil

Thanks for the advice. I'm not certain of the materials being aluminum. But while google'ing for info, I came across a good idea. Buy 90 degree elbows of the same material, trim them down to the desired angle and weld to straight tubing.


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Glen Hein

Do a Google on Author: J.R.North; subject: Bimini; NG: rec.crafts.metalworking.

He's done it and posted on it.


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Ted Edwards

I am pretty sure "ski towers" you mention are made of stainless steel. just like any other hardware on boats made out of SS because of it's strength and it resist corrosion, the only reason I would think manufactures may not want to use aluminum , is because it is soft, there is lots of vibration going on on boats, and hardware would become loose in a hurry. I could be wrong ..... some parts are made of aluminum on boat , example seat and table pedestals, but it is usually massive cast aluminum.

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