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>>Charles, >>Build/buy that woman something nice - but I digress... >> >>1/8" is kind of the magic number - after that, you're into the 220V >>machines. I have a Hypertherm 1000 and love it, but this is a "bigger" >>machine. >> >>I am a firm believer in buying from a company that specializes in what >>they make - Hypertherm or Themal Dynamics - The price points may be >>higher but, IMHO, the machines are just better. > >* * * * * * * > > I tend to agree. Am a little doubtful about Harbor Freight without >hearing from someone who has used them and thinks they are great. >After doing some checking around on the internet, I see a Hypertherm >Powermax 190C, which is a self-contained unit for $895 (+ shipping). >Seems within my price range, but I'm still a little concerned about >those who say stay away from the self-contained units. Am still >wondering if anyone in the group has used one of these and what they >feel about it. Thanks for your comment. > >C Hoover

A freind bought a cheapie for @ $600 and it is miserable to work with.... We can't cut over any gaps and striking a startup arc is nasty as well.

I recently bought a new Thermal Dynamics PAK38 from Haun Welding Supply in Syracuse NY....... on Ebay of all places... I paid them with Visa over the phone. The same guys are running another dutch auction for $849 with $40 fixed shipping total to me was just under $889 on my doorstep in less than a week... I'm not related to this company as anything but a customer etc etc etc......


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" It works great for sheetmetal plugged into the 110. If I switch the power plug and move the supply switch to 220 it will cut off 3/8" looking at the specs it seemed to be slightly more power for the $ I was spending than the Hypertherm 190.... without the built in air ( I have filtered dry shop air for painting ). Built in air could possibly pose problems down the road if the built in compressor fails I never really thought about it.... now that I have I see some benefits in my choice my unit could be re-worked to use a non stock regulator or shutoff valve if neccesary. But I pay in portability. sooo...... Hypertherm has a good name. Make your own decision :-)

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