REQ: hammer restoration

I bought an old hammer head with very rounded striking faces. I would like to rebuild the faces. What would be the best filler metal?

I can do TIG, stick, or O/A.


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Nice troll.


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Grant Erwin

There was a time when this work was done and some of the original Lincoln books showed this repair. It was normally done with high impact resistant hard surfacing rods but could be done almost as well with 7018, some may suggest 11018 as it is harder and quite strong in impact.

The bottom line on this repair is that it is not economic as new hammers with good fiberglass handles are selling for less than a new wood handle and for little more than the welding rods cost. I doubt that you have a TIG big enough to do this job and OA will definitely use more gas than the hammer is worth. If you can use rods you already have and your labor time is not worth anything then go ahead but be aware that even after welding and grinding you will still have a hammer that may/will probably be unsafe. Any hammer can fail and cause small pieces to fly out with enough force to easily injure flesh and particularly eyes. ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHEN USING HAMMERS repaired or not.

Good luck, YMMV

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Gunner Asch wrote in news:

I would prefer not to just grind away the rounded faces. It's kind of a cool hammer with a long head. Lot's of character!

This is just for fun and practice.

Considering another poster's comments I'll post a picture. That's what I get for being brief and concise.

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Dev Null

A hammer face should be somewhat rounded. If it's not beaten up at the edges, maybe that hammer is supposed to be that way? Yes, please post a picture. You'll get better answers that way.

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