Rod storage during transportation

I'm setting up my tools now on a welding trailer. I'll probably buy a
Knaack box or similar, depending on what I can find to fit the space
For rods, I used to use plastic cylinders that had a screw top, an O-ring in
the middle, and a piece of foam in the bottom. I did not have any problem
with rods losing their coatings due to bouncing around. Do you find this to
be much of a problem?
I liked the tubes, as they were easy to label, and easy to stack and store.
Is there a better way to store multiple rod types, keep them dry, and keep
them from rattling the coatings off during highway travel? One central box
with dividers may be better than several smaller ones. But then, it was
nice to just take the whole tube to the welding and not carry a pocket full
that could become damaged or contaminated.
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I am a very happy user of these tubes for 6013. For 7018 I use an oven. I think that realistically, if the tubes themselves are not moving, bouncing around should not be a big issue.
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I have to figure you aren't going to pull your welder to a job without knowing what the job looks like in detail; i.e. what kind of rod you will need. I generally only use 6010 or 7018, and the latter I bring in sealed cans from the welding supply store which get emptied directly into a jobsite Phoenix rod oven. For 60XX sure, I'd put it in those rod keeper tubes. If you buy a Rod Keeper brand setup, you can get 3 tubes and a weld-on (or bolt-on) hanger onto which you can clip all 3 tubes securely. That might be a good way to go.
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Grant Erwin
Whatever method you choose, keep it full of rods. The empty space is what will damage them by allowing them to bounce, shift, and smack into each other.
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