Small Engine Driven Welders

Hello All, I enjoy the group very much look forward to seeing the new posts everyday.

I'm looking for information on the small engine driven welders. I've looked at the Lincoln AC and DC along with the Miller145 and Honda welders. I'm not sure what to get because I'll be using it mosty for a small gererator but want the welder also because sometimes there is the small job you can't get a plug in welder to.

Thanks for looking Marlin

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Hi Marlin,

I believe every post deserves a reply. So here's one. However, I'm not sure what you're asking for. Recommendations?

If so, I don't have one other than to suggest that I don't know of any small generators that are also decent welders. In fact, most small generators are not even decent generators.


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Having purchased an engine driven welder some years ago, I'll drop the following advice on you, considering your uses/needs/etc.

Buy a small (but not too small) generator.

Buy a welder that said generator can run, unless you already have a non-gigantic plug in welder, in which case buy a generator that can run the welder you have.

If you buy both used, you'll be better off yet.

As two parts, the welder and generator are easier to move than one hulking welder-generator. They are also often cheaper than an engine driven welder. They won't give you the 100% duty cycle that an engine driven welder offers, but your needs are clearly NOT in that direction. (Mine are not either, as it turns swept up in potential that has little to do with what I need to do, usually.)

Depending what you want to do, a generator for power and 3-6 6V golf cart batteries plus a Readywelder might do the job better, though it does depend on the job you want to do. If you keep a cutting torch around, learning to gas weld offers another portable welding solution.

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Try checking out your local construction rental place. Ask questions. Try one before you buy one.

You need to figure out what size you need - is this mostly to be used as a genny or welder? What capacities? Are you running all day? Fuel types....etc etc.

Google Lincoln Ranger, Miller Bobcat. Generally you get what you pay for.

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Also, one of the Bobcats puts out three phase power, if that is applicable to your needs.


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Rule of thumb: buy more than you need now. You'll never be sorry. Maybe never, but not as often.


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Steve B

I would consider all that to be excellent advice... except the part about cats...

Gas welding is indeed, quite satisfying and versatile. I actually do it a lot better than I can stick weld, which is not saying much for my gas welding.

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