Ever build your own engine driven welder?

I am interested in building a welder. I want to build one using a 4
banger honda car engine. Would anyone here have any idea who to go
about this? I would want to weld and to use it as a generator.
If anyone can shed some light on this, I would REALLY like to hear
about it.
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Hi Bobby,
You will need a generator too. You're half-way there.
Probably cheeper to find an old Linoln and rebuild it.
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When you say "old Lincoln" I think of the SA-200. Perhaps because I'm restoring one right now.
Some people don't realize that these welder/generators are straight DC. This means that although you can run grinders and lights from their output, you cannot run your microwave or your refrigerator.
As to Bob's inquiry I believe that a small diesel powerplant (such as that found in the VW diesel rabbits) would be a more durable and fuel efficient choice. Of course Bob probably HAS a Honda engine already so this possibly trumps any other considerations.
I did hear of a guy who mated a Mercedes Benz 240D (4 cyl diesel) engine to a Lincoln SA-200. According to him, it worked like a charm... in fact, last I heard it's STILL working like a charm.
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Vernon Tuck
Thanks for the site....
They have a little problem updating their carts for quantity changes though.
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Greg M
I have one of the 300amp generators sitting in the garage. Managed to lose some parts, turn value to junk. :( Think there is the makings of the necessary reactor sitting out there also. Free to anyone who wants it, can't ship it, it's HEAVY. Twin Cities area.
Greg M wrote:
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Roy J
Wrong engine. Car engines suck for this sort of job, particularly small high-revving car engines. As the engine is the easy part of the problem, find you generator first, then find an engine to suit.
I just can't imagine building an engine-driven welder from scratch. It's so much easier to find an old one, even a dog, and fix up what's needed. I got an 800A Murex (WW2 mil-surplus) for peanuts and it barely needed looking at. OTOH, the old Landrover chassis it was mounted on broke in half when we tried to tow it !
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Andy Dingley
Well, OK looks like plan "B"
I do have a honda engine and thought that would do the trick. Now that I think about it there is an old HUGE engine driven welder mounted on an axle that has been sitting for a few years about a mile from me. I may be able to rebuild it and mount all the components into a better frame. I will check on that first and see if it is possible to obtain it cheap.
Thanks for the input, if anyone else has anything to add, please do.
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800A DC?
That'd make an awesome air carbon arc setup.
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Barry S.
Unfortunately the welder that was sitting close by is now gone.
Anyone in the Dallas area have an old welder that is not working that I can get and try rebuilding?
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What does it weight? I might want it
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Lots of old motor generator welding machines that can be adapted to engine drive. Should be cheap as they require 3 phase power to run motor. They show up on ebay now and then . Only problem no generator to run tools. Could hook up small generator to frount of engine. Engine would need to run probably at 1800 RPM with required power. About 2 years ago saw a Hobart welding gemerator mounted in back bed of Cushman 3 wheeler some how powered by the Chushman for sale on Ebay. It was Army surplus. The welder looked like adaption of Hobart motor generator welder.
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R. Duncan
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I might be acquiring a Linc 200, 4 cyl Conti (163? cu in), and a bunch of parts Wayne.
Doesn't run at present, stored outside but probably *worthy*. The engine may well need *gone through*. Head is on it, ... needs put back together, the scavanged engine parts, fuel tank, need hung back on it. He has the parts and extras, just not onsite. They're stored *somewhere* else. ;) About 30 miles away, is what I'm afraid of. ;| I think I could personally guarantee the welder portion is OK.
Fella has a SA300, 2-71 Detroit-powered that I'm probably getting, and I was planning on dealing for both of them.
I'll probably have to borrow a 4whl drive to get them out of his back 40. Because of snow and ice. His rig (early Bronco) is torn apart at the moment. One's on a trailer, the other's on blocks.
Sheet metal is poor on both. I'm in NE Ohio. Cleveland area.
Take the BEER outta my mail if you want to mail. I can also take some pics.
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Greg M
There is a Yahoo group called Amptramp that has some good information about exactly what you want to do.
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James Hudson

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