ss316 filler for ss304

Would like to know if 316L filler should only be used on 316 base
metal.I have been using 308L for just about all SS work and the base
metal is mostly 304 but also use a lot of surplus SS of unknown grade
mostly structural boat fittings. Mostly Tig work but also use LT-1
dual shield mig. Does the 316 filler cause any brittlement of the weld
or any other adverse effects.Weld appearance is important.Thanks for
any comments Jim
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Jim Moser
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I am not aware of any steel that can't be welded with 316. Although for welding carbon steels successfully, a little extra chrome helps to avoid dilution problems, such as in a 309.
316,309,347,320,321,308 are all basically 304 derivatives with small extra additions for different applications.
The only way you will get any embitterment in a 316 weld is if it gets diluted with carbon steel. This link explains it all:-
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John Dyson
You would be better off going with 309L Filler. It deals better with odd alloys, and will work for 304 or 316.
If you need the higher alloy content then go with 317L filler.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks Ernie, just curious if you see any difference in brightness or ease of polishing these different alloy fillers I havn't noticed any difference between 308 and 316 but I don't have a lot of patience for polishing but like to keep the welds from turning brown after being splashed with salt water all season. And thanks John for that link to that sight that tells all, Quite a bit of info there, Thanks Jim
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Jim Moser
They all buff up the same. If exposed to salt spray you may see a small transistion line from one to the other.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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