Stick welding Q.

Our horse riding club is building New stock pens, and they are using looks
like 1/4"thick 3 -4 diam. well pipe. They are using a Big Stick welder and
I can say the welds really looked bad. I took a look last night and I could
see they were melting into the pipe and the welds look like they were just
rubbing the rod down the joint and not doing a circular motion. I don't
blame them for grinding them down to look better, But I think they are going
to loose the strength. What should there settings be to do 1/4 well pipe.
Maybe they have it set wrong....
I claims to be a welder, but he claims to be every thing else also.. (Jack
of all, Master of none) I can see I can do better my self....
I picked up some of there scrap and I will do some of my own welds, then I
hope to show him what a weld should look like.
Can a miller 135 weld 1/4 well pipe on a 2 pass or even a 1 pass using flex
core? I will be getting that right after the holidays and if I can find a
stick welder reasonable I will get one of them down the line.
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Don D
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absolutely. you arent talking about a natural gas pipeline afterall, and its not like you need a tig root. with the 135 you can make a root pass, clean it, make a cover pass, clean it, and move on to the next joint before the guy with the 6010 finishes runnig his first root pass.
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Nathan Collier
Might want to try some 6011 electrode rather than the 6010 to reduce the penetration, increase the filling of the joint. 5/32 would not be too large with at least a 200 amp machine.
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Thomas Kendrick
Well I looked at the welder settings and it looked like it was DC 95 amp? using a 7014 rod. At least that is what I saw laying around on the trailer. They had 7014 thin rods and 7014 thick rods and I did see some 6011 rods... I picked up some of there scrap pipe cutoffs and I will see what I mig 135 flex will do for me after the holidays.
Was the 7014 rod a good choice for them?
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Don D
for a steam pipe? no. for a horse pin though, i think any rod that would hold them together would be fine.
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Nathan Collier
First, is the fit a good fit, You could be looking at the gap of a bad pipe fitter and the welder is having to compensate with the 7014 which is a high deposit rod. Second, A joint that has been ground down doesn't mean it is a weaker joint. Third, you can't be positive the guy is not doing a "circular" motion unless you have a hood on and are watching the electrode tip. Welding stem is at times difficult it is old stem because of deposits inside. There may be thin spots and sludge, there are many variable depending on where the stem came from. If it is new then ignore the above difficulties. Lastly, if you can weld it better than he can maybe you need to run him off and crank up the miller 135.
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