Testing Welds?

This is a wierd situation but I've been asked by a former employer to do some side work testing paint finishes in an industrial environment, I've also been asked if I could test and check a bunch of welds at the same time. I don't have any experience "testing" welds though I've been MIG and Arc welding for a few years. There is someone else on the site that could show me the ropes. What I'm wondering is? How would one test pipe welds? What equipment is used? Can this be done by a novice?

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Um, what sort of test is he talking about? Non-destructive or destructive?

Assuming non-destructive, what sort of inspection method? Are they fillet welds or full-penetration welds? What does the job specification call for?

You usually have a choice of the following: Visual inspection for all welds, Magnetic Particle Inspection or Dye Penetrant Inspection for fillet welds, Radiographic or Ultrasonic for full-penetration welds.

You don't get "shown ropes" anymore. You need a professionally qualified non-destructive testing technician.

My advice; If you need to ask, then you're not qualified to do the inspection.

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