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My employer asked yesterday if I could get my WABO by friday for an onsite install. I've been a welder for 3 years, and I'm sure I can pass the weld test, but have no clue as to what is on the written test. I take the test tomorrow and am worried I won't get my card because I'm going in blind. Can anyone fill me in on what I should bone up on tonight?

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If you are a real welder, the written test is a joke. But no, I can't tell you any more what to expect.

The test isn't all that easy - I've seen several guys who welded pro for a living for like 10 years every day all day long have trouble with it.

Good luck.

Grant Erwin

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Grant Erwin

I am a WABO Examiner.

The written test was removed last year. All you have is the practical We affectionately called the written test "welding for dummies". The same 20 questions since 1986. It was a bad joke, and some of the questions used really outdated terminology that just confused the hell out of people.

Good luck on the test plates. Remember , if you have to break your arc, do it in the middle of your plate.

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