We own a JAPAX JAPT 3F Wire EDM since a month we are unable to operate
this one because
we use a E-JAPT Computer (2 floppy and a tape) and one of our floppy
disk 5 1/4 is damaged
on the floppy it says EJAPT SYSTEM DISK NO E-W49 04 1983 8511, disk 0
and disk 1.
We found someone with the same disks functionnal, we tried to copy
them with
rawread / rawrite, diskcopy a: a:, winimage but we do not seem to be
able to
read those disks. My question is,
Can we still buy those disk somewhere?
if not, is there an alternative? I know my japax have a RS-232 seriel
port in the back and
I beleive the guy who sold us this japax used a PC to send its work to
the japax instead of
the tape. Is there any CAD software we can use,not to complicated?
Help would be very appreciated because its been a month out machine is
Thank you very much
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Here is a link of the image of our JAPT Computer that we require the 2 floppies disk
formatting link
Thank you
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