got my hobart stickmate last friday

and to keep myself mature i waited until sunday to wire up an outlet
and burn some metal!!!
re-aranged my garrage so I wouldnt be weling next to gas cans and
scrounged around to get parts for a mini welding table (car tire, wheel
hub, galv pipe, angle iron) and burned until everything looked right,
then burned some more (if it fails I'll build another one!) design
looks good enuf that i'll have to scrounge some more to make me a bench
grinder stand.
than the lawn tractor driveway grader and a few other thing, up to
building the rocket launch trailer of madness
i didnt like having the welder on the ground so I took a junked out TV
cabinet and put it on that, now i got storage under the welder for
rods, heltmet and gloves and such. ended up getting more room in my
garage, even with the addition of the welding stand/table. I better buy
a MIG and then i'll be able to park cars in it again!
I really wish it wasnt raining today, I want to do stuff, but the skies
look so glum.
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I really recommend building a cage around welders, the whole thing on casters. For smaller welders, it really opens up a whole new level of usability, because they are so heavy they're really hard to move. Mine is box-shaped, and I cut a plywood top that holds things like helmet, slag hammer or whatever. If you wanted to get fancy, you could wire the welder's power cord to a box on the cage frame, and also put a double outlet in the box, and run a longer cord from the box to the welding outlet. That way you don't ever have to run an extension cord for your grinder or wire brush. Use big casters.
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Grant Erwin
I agree, but not for me.
the original plan was to get the welder to make some modifications to a trailer, and to do some small bits of this and that, so i really dont need the portability.
also, right now it is in the garage, but next spring i plan on building a huge shed and will be relocating it there. the welding i do isnt the end of what i want to do, but another skill to get me to my goals.
and if i told you what my goals were, you'd think i was just another nutjob.....
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