Use old 6013 rod?

Hi, all. After years of patiently checking out the yard sales and flea markets, I finally found a half decent, inexpensive arc welder. It's an older Craftsman 180 amp AC unit, I paid $30 for it. It's got some dirt, cobwebs and a little surface rust, but the cabling is all in excelent shape. I need to clean it up, and run a 220V line in the garage (a simple job in this house).

The machine came with about 3 pounds of 6013 rod. It is of unknown age. The flux coating looks solid, and no rust on the exposed end. Is the rod likely to be usable as is? Should I dry it (oven or torch)? Or should I just pitch it and buy new?

Thanks in advance!


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Ron DeBlock
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I would heat up the oven to about 250, turn it off, put the rods in there, and leave them for about an hour. Then try them. As long as the coating isn't flaking, I would at least try them.


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Start using it.... Three pounds is not much and unless you are welding something super crtitical it will make little difference. Rutile electrode such as 6013 does not need to be kept as dry as something like E 7018. Randy

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Randy Zimmerman

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