Want to learn tig Welding

I purchased a Harbor Freight Tig Welder, what supplies will I need to weld aluminum together, and tips on types of welding supplies. I have practiced with a mig and can do ok with it. Now I have moved up to the next level. Any tips on supplies & ????. I live in Atlatna Ga.

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That's a wide-open question!

There is a lot of advice on TIG welding in s.e.j.w. Superb archive access available through Google at

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Look for Ernie Leimkuhler's advice on torch-handling technique and currents. Sttarts of with "amp per thousandth of inch of thickness" then adjustments for... And practice maipulation using pencil and washer (you can left-hand TIG without crashing the tungsten if you have done this exercise first!). Also there: size of tungsten size of filler rod They need to be correct otherwise you will not do well at all.

Th weld pool when aluminium (aluminum!) TIG welding - it's an amazing clean silver liquid appearance, with the glowing tungsten above reflected in it.

Don't know so much about aluminium, but a lot of beginners overheat the liquid metal and run into chronic problmes enough to make a grown man cry, until they learn to control temperature.

Richard Smith

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