Welding 304 stainless

--I've got the right rod for the job but I'm wondering if that
nickel rod Ernie likes so much is an adequate substitute. Or is it the same
thing? The stainless I'm welding is 304 and I think the rod is 308.
Perforated sheet, .075" thick; lotsa teeny weeny TIG welds!
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308L turns into 304 during the weld process. After the TIG arc burns out some alloying elements.
The Nickel based rods I love so dearly are fantastic for joining anything, but they are not necessary for stainless to stainless joints.
Stainless TIG rod is at most $5/lb. Inconel 625 starts at around $60/lb., and Hastelloy W (my favorite) costs $85/lb. with a minimum order of 10 lbs.
If it wasn't for Boeing surplus I would never have known about these rods, and I certainly would never have bought them new. Now I just dread the day I run out of my Precioussses......
...mean dirty hobbit takes my preciousses....
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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