Welding Gloves

I have been trying to find some 100% cotton jersey gloves for use in TIG
welding of very small parts , I haven't been able to find 100% cotton gloves
locally , sent away over the net , two different outfits sent me brown
jerseys that were advertised as 100% and they turned out as a mix of Poly
and Cotton , the problem with anything but cotton is that it melts and
leaves a plastic trace on my parts that has to be cleaned , leather gloves
are too stiff and I loose the touch that is needed , wonder if anyone else
has had the same problem and how they solved it .
Phil Lohiser
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I've never had any issues with the Tillman TIG gloves. They are thin and soft and they conform to your hands after a short while of use as well. They have become my standard work glove as well, when my TIG welding pair gets grungy I get new ones for the welding and the old pair goes into general work glove service. They aren't even very expensive.
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Pete C.
What Pete said. McMaster has them at a sensible price.
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I use them too, but prefer the kevlar gloves when i want to handle hot metal.
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Stupendous Man
I use Tillmans, but I buy XL and put a pair of brown cotton gloves on first, then the Tillmans. Works pretty well for dealing with heat, yet allows me fine control
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