Welding safety? not here

I think thats what he's doing under his "hoist", welding the gas tank.

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Calman, Hathaway Pines, California

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Paul Calman
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I have done many stupid things in my life........however, I would RUN away from that setup!

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news junky

That is truly scary!

Speaking of safety, have any of you guys seen "American Chopper" with Orange County Choppers? I see them tack welding regularly with NO protection. Obviously dumb, but just how likely are they to suffer permanent eye damage. (UV, not counting slag in the eye). Given that Miller was one of the customer/sponsors surely someone would stop this practice. I would bet some people will follow this practice.

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Excelent point! - you know, I often wonder that same thing, you would think that Miller would have someting to say about that. Case in point: since new to TIG with my new TA 185STW, I've been doing a LOT of welding in the corner of the garage near the driveway. Since then, I've have numerous neighbors and teenagers walk up to shoot the shit and ask questions etc., right? And as I was explaining how it all works (TIG), a few of the kids said exactally that: "Well, why do you need the helmet - I see I see them welding without one on American Chopper, and American Hot Rod all the time without a helmet." So the question I naturally have is, had they never come up to talk about this, and if these kids ever got into any kind of welding (like their level of interest dictated that they probably would), would they be left with bad advice, and actually try that.

Granted that in -most- of the shots on American Chopper show them just closing their eyes when doing a quick tack, I could *swear* that I've seen on a few occasions a person doing a tack job with his eyes open. (mostly on American Hot Rod). It may have been the camera, or dubbed shot or some such, but looked pretty real to me - squinted open eyes with Miller MIG handle in his hands squeezing off tacks. Unreal.

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Mr Wizzard

Uh, their eyes are closed.

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What do you mean "no safety"? He chocked the rear wheel with a chunk of cement/brick...

Thanks for the post -- still chuckling over the absurdity of that photo.

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Aaron Kushner

The majority of fitters in the large structural steel shops in Northern & Southern Calif. that i've worked in, tack that way. At least for small tacks.

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John McGraw

Come to think of it, what is he welding over there? Spring hanger? Shock mount?


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Jim Meyer

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