What's a good 110 MIG?

Am in the market for a good 110v. MIG. Don't care about duty cycle. Just something of quality that will last.

Lincoln is still in the outer world, and my SP175+ sits not running under my bench, so not keen on Lincoln right now.

What's a good Miller model that isn't mostly plastic like the Lincoln WeldPaks? There are worlds of difference between the insides of the cases of that 175 and a Miller 180. So much more metal in the Miller, and beefier everything. Wish I would have shopped that one better. Owned a 200 for a decade, but liked Lincoln, too. Just now, because of the nature of work and installs, I need a 110 v. rig. Pls include cost, both new and used. No HF.

Any "bad" units of consistent name?


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Steve B
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************************************** . . . .I have had a Hobart 140 amp, 120 volt mig machine for almost 10 years now and I have not had any problems with it. I put on something they call (I believe) in this area, 'Tri-gas' a blend of gases so I don't use my flux cored wire anymore. I paid $525 for mine online and I see where they are still selling in that area. The gas bottle and regulator were of course extra. . . . Only thing I notice is that it 'spits' (much less than 2 seconds) when starting a bead. Like it needs that time to come up to power. I found I just have to start about 1/2" away from where I wish the bead to actually start, and then weld over the 'spit'. . . . I wouldn't hesitate to reccomemd it to anyone. charlie **************************************
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I really like my Hobart 140 Handler. I run it with flux core wire unless I'm doing something special that warrants changing out wire, etc.

The mig gun that came on mine says Miller. No problems or repairs in 4 or 5 years. Tips and wire keep it running.

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Greetings Steve, I know you are not happy with your current Lincoln but I would suggest a used SP-125 Plus or similar. I bought mine used at least 6 years ago and it gets a lot of use. It performs flawlessly. The infinitely adjustable speed and voltage are really nice. I have spoken with several folks who have the same machine and they have all had the same experience as I. I even added a little improvement. I modified a low voltage section of the circuit board in order to add a purge button. So I can run a little gas out without feeding wire. I saved the schematic I drew up of the changes I made. ERic

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Heartily agree, I have run 3 of those machines and have been very happy with them! We eventually moved up to bigger machines (MM 250's) at work, but when we get into big projects, the Handlers come out and pick up the slack. The nice thing is that they work well with gas, and also can go in the job box for on-site welds with flux core.


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Stuart Wheaton

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