HTP MIG 2400 good, bad, ugly ???

has anybody have experience with this machine?
I am looking to purchase a 210 A mig , miller had in mind but htis
thing looks nice
35 % duty cycle at 240 amp
100% at 142 amp
28 voltage setting
digital voltage and amp read out
spot and stich timer
4 roller drive feed
dual cooling fan
only $100 more than miller 210
scarry part it wil cost at least $100 to get shipped
comes only with bare accessories , different drive rolls extra $$
my miller dealer tells me to stay away from it, but I figured I would
hear that .
what do you think ?
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I added the Invertig to my stable of equipment last year and I have absolutely no regrets with the machine or my sales experience with Jeff Nolan from HTP everything was as good as described which is not my past experience with Bill Gate's products or Miller Electric. As for the Migs one of my friends bought the HTP 160 from Jeff and is absolutely sold on the machine........ that is really saying something because he is a perfectionist and a profabricator that wanted a small hobby machine for home play.
My advise is calll HTP and ask if they have sold a unit to anyone close to you .Maybe you can try it out before you buy. HTP told me that will take it back if I was not happy with the machine....... I've still got the Invertig 200 .
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Walt Springs
thanks a bunch for the input, good idea about asking if they sold it locally, they may not give that info out. they will take the machine back within 90 days, but I have to pay shipping which is $100 to here + $100 back = $200
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Pete and acrobat,
I also went the HTP route. I live about 90 miles from them and decided to pick up a used 1600 from them. Steve (who lives in southern WI), brought the machine home and invited me to test it. If I liked it, they would take the 120 I had purchased for full credit.
The 1600 was awesome for the price, and HTP has been a pleasure to deal with.
I would call and ask if they have any demo units. You can usually save a few hundred and you get the same warranty.
As for your Miller dealer, well, mine said the same thing. I don't think they pay attention to any welder that isn't Lincoln or Hobart...
Rick in Milwaukee
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Rick Chamberlain
I've had my Invertig for 2 years now and it's been great. A friend has the 2400 and loves it. He does primarily body work with it (VW mods)
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Jamie Arnold (W)

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