what's a good blade-abrasive ? to cut 1/8" steel plate on TABLE SAW.

Is there a good blade that really lasts? What diameter blade and what
Should I use a coolant or cutting oil? How many feet of cutting can I
expect the blade to do until it needs replacing. I'de like to cut a
good quantity of plate on my table saw without having to buy a bandsaw
and constantly buying new blades!
Thanks for any suggestions. Mike Korman
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Michael Korman
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It has been my experience that any of the abrasive blades made to fit in a Skil saw simply do not last. If you could find a way to fit a chop saw wheel into your table saw you might do well but I don't know if a table saw has enough RPMs.
How big are the sheets? You may find it cheaper/easier to have a shop shear them for you. After a few chop saw wheels (around $20 a pop, depending on size) you may be farther ahead.
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