Helmet recs?

Looking for recommendations on a new welding helmet....

I didn't find much recent, but it seems that the Jackson EQC is pretty highly recommended.

I guess a list of what I am looking for would be helpful:

I use stick and TIG. Don't have a MIG at the exact moment, but have had one. I would like an autodark. Used my Dad's a few times and it is really nice. I want one with solar recharge(his doesn't and is always dead). I would like the "big" window.

Of course I don't want to spend more than neccessary, but I look at this as a "long term" investment so I want to buy the best within reason.

As a general rule, I like to buy the better X the first time instead of buying the lessor and then going to buy the other eventually anyways.



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i got a miller brand model XLix from the local supplyer I deal with, but hobart has the same line maybe a bit cheaper. autodarkening, with 2 sensor, a battery , and solar recharge. they have different models, you have to look and see some are good for MIG and stic k , but not recommended for inverter TIG, the one named above is reccomended for inverter TIG. and can handle down to 5 amp on TIG if I recall. shades 9-13 has a delay and sensitivity adjust in case you are welding outside on a suny day.

1/20000 second darkening time. it was around $200

comes with a cloth type bag to store in when not in use, (dust and dirt ) comes with 4 clear front plastic lens replacement,

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The Jackson EQC 3-in-1 is still my recommendation for good value in a hood.

You can't go wrong with Speedglas or Jackson.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I wouldn;t let this sway me either way - other factors are much more important.

But I use two helmets, one battery, one solar. The solar doesn't work after long storage in a dark workshop, until it has sat in the sunlight for a few hours. The battery gets changed every couple of years - it lasts for an age and really isn't a problem. On the whole, I prefer the battery.

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Andy Dingley

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