Cutting steel tubing on a RAS/carbide blade

Awl --
I've gotten so spoiled from cutting alum on my RAS, that it would be nice to
cut 16 ga steel tubing, generally on the order of 1/2 x 1 to 3/4 x 1 1/2.
The RAS is nominal 10", but I think a 7 1/4" blade would have enough reach
to get through 3/4 mat'l, and greatly lower the sfpm. I assume the finest
tooth blade I can get would help.
The Q is:
I know this can be done (done = get away with it), but it is in fact a good
idea, with typical carbide blades, for one'sies/two'sies?
A good idea on a semi-production basis? Safe-ish?
There was thread recently that cited blades in fact made for steel, one site
giving feeds in 1/4" plate, incl stainless.
iirc, those blades were on the order of $80++ ea -- not $10. :)
Anyone recall that site?
Abrasive wheel better?
4x6 bandsaw ultimately the best, long-term?
The 4x6 isn't bad, esp. in that I can stack a bunch of pcs and walk away.
Finish isn't critical, as these ends will be milled.
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Semi-production = Have the tubing delivered cut to size.
An abrasive cutting disk is great if you have enough RPM's. You'll be amazed what a flopping .04 or .08 disk will digest.
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