Table saw blade

Anyone make a good blade for fooling around with balsa in a 10 inch?
I've been using a plywood blade for a long time, just wondering if there
is anything better? I'm also looking for some finer tooth jig saw blades
at least 4 inches long
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John Alt
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Almost any fine tooth blade in either works fine for balsa. It's pretty hard to find a 10" blade for a TS that is finer than most plywood blades. I think plain steel blades for plywood would give you the finest teeth. Carbide tipped need extra room for the carbides.
If you have or can get a bandsaw with a fence, thats better for cutting balsa than a scroll saw or tabe saw. Some folks use a 4" table saw also, but I have a BS myself, as well as a SS and a TS.
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John T
You can use smaller blades, you don't have to put a 10" blade on the saw. I went through all that, with different saws and saw blades. What I ended up doing was getting a scroll saw. When I need to rip long thick peaces, I use c clamps and clamp a fence to my scroll saw.
John Alt wrote:
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Raymond Giddens
The Piranha brand of blades are a fair bit thinner than standard blades and do a very good job of making a clean cut in soft woods. They are all I use on my saws.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
Thanks. I had noticed them, and was going to go that route. Almost everything I have is Carbide and makes an awful lot of dust. I posted a pic of the "scroll saw" on (Home Made Scroll Saw thread) to give a better idea of why I want the thin blades.
I have a two car garage here and single purpose tools don't cut it, other than the usual gotta haves, like the table saw. This was a simple project my son and I could do together out of scrap plywood. I wanted a saw that was portable and didn't take up a lot of space. I can hang it on the wall or stick it easily on the shelf when I'm not using it. The three holes in the top are to detach the jig saw for normal use. The dowel simply operates the trigger, couple of 64's to lock it into the steps. The top is flat, and if I remove the blade I can stick a sheet of wax paper on it and have another spot to stick a small wing half or fuse to work on (measures 10" * 24"). Since I built it I normally leave it sitting on top of the table saw so I don't have to roll out the bandsaw (which means usually having to clear out the stuff I've stacked in front of it). I could probably put a piece of angle iron or aluminium front and rear to clamp a fence to, but I'd rather just use the table saw for that kind of stuff. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul McIntosh" Newsgroups: rec.models.rc.air Sent: Monday, December 27, 2004 3:41 PM Subject: Re: Table saw blade
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John Alt
Try here for the best price on blades. The 2/0 are wire thin.
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