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I recently asked about hooking up an acetylene reg to propane. A simple Google search showed me that wasn't a good idea.

Nix on that one.

On a secondary inspection of the regulators, I encountered something that I have never seen before. When I pulled out the T handle, there was green grease on it. I am suspecting this is factory stuff, and the regs are barely used. Am I right?


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Steve B
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at the end of your last post, you said that if we gave any issues you'd just take it to the gas shop and let them test it. I think you should still do that.

think about it, if we tell you to do or not to do something, you are outa luck. if the gas shop screws up, they have insuarnce

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You have a very good point, sir. Today, I took the hoses off, took off the screw-off dial covers, dusted them out with a little puff of air and a wet paper towel, and looked at everything closely.

I noticed that the nuts used to attach them to the tanks had VERY LITTLE wear, indicating that someone who had them treated them kindly, or they weren't used a lot. Only one corner had a little rounding on it, and that was the acetylene, and that is common for people who twist it the wrong way. Oxygen nut didn't have rounding on any corner. Hose was as new. Torch was used, but O rings were lubed and not cracked. The tip was 101-01, a smallish one, but all the holes were open, and the end was filed recently. I'd take a tip cleaner to it, anyway, as with the torch head orifices to blow out any dead spiders.

No flashback arrestors.

My tack is going to be this: Go get a couple of bottles. Clean everything real clean. Purge hoses with compressed air blow nozzle. Hook everything up. Open valves and controls in the order and fashion that I've been doing it for thirty years, and just take it real easy. Then I'll test it all with soapy water. If all that goes good, I'll get out the striker.

If everything's okay, okay. If not at any point in the process, to the shop they go. It is the same thing I usually did in a work situation before just firing it up and finding the leaks that way. Gonna be fun going through it all ONE MORE TIME!

Still anxious to get that Hypertherm 1000 and play with that new puppy, though.


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Steve B

Did they grease the O-regulator too?

Give it to iggy for testing!


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Nick Mueller

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