It didn't. Not in any useful way anyway.

I shortened a trailer axle today. Cut about 24-25 inches out in the middle. Then I clamped it up. Deliberately put a very slight arch in the setup with a shim in the middle. With it clamped up in two directions to straight pieces of heavy bar I tacked welded the 4 corners of the tube.

Then I unclamped everything and welded the top, then the bottom. I figured worse case that might take out some of my shimmed arch. Then I welded the front then the back. I ground down a flat spot in the weld on the front and back and checked it with a straight edge. It dragged full length on both the front and back. I suppose I'll have to spin the tires up against the old spiked board and measure the marks to see if there is any toe so I know which side to face forward.

FYI: I know from experience a trailer axle toed out will destroy tires. Flip it around, and its just fine if its not to much.

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