452 Cycle Life for FMA KOK 2000 at Heavy RC Discharge

The data is the first realistic test data for life cycle seen in any of the forums. Life cycle tests on the popular FMA Direct KOK 2000 HDR pack in 3S configuration show 452 cycles to 80% capacity. Tests were run at 17.5 amps, typical helicopter and speed 400 loads, to a 3 volt/cell cut off.

Details and observations at:

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Red Scholefield
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Hopefully there will be more to come of this sort of data. A fellow modeler did some checks on a couple of 3S 3200 mah packs he has cycled about 100 times, using a West Mountain CBA that several of us share. Bad cells in both packs, though I know him to be careful about staying within the vendor's rated constant discharge current and to check balance frequently. At what packs that size cost, it works out to be several times more more expensive than glo fuel.......


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Abel Pranger

Hang out a little in RCGROUPS battery forum and you will get the real skinny on just what the vendors specs actually mean. I thought I'd seen you there anyway Red.

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I have - by accident really - run my lipos at 70% of manfucaturers ratings, seldom discharged them more than 50% (there is a limit to how long I WANT to fly..15 minutes is enough really) and apart from treeing a couple of packs for long enough to flatten and ruin them, have been blessed with utter reliability and longevity of my pressurised electrons.

LIPOS are truly wonderful things, but they need a little attention to detail and some careful handling. They do not suffer fools as gladly as NICd.

But they are more robust than NiMh IMHO.

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The Natural Philosopher

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