Aerobird Challenger quality of lack thereof

I have my aerobird challenger for a week now and had 5 good flights on it. I have to comment on its inferior quality compared to other Firebird planes. The body plastic seems thinner than the other Firebirds and flex alot. I notice that it does not have the lip/groove at the wing attachment area of the body like the Firebird Commander. This lip/groove should give additional strength to the body, and it just is bad design to not have this on a plane that can fly stunts. When I open the box, the front of the plane is very slightly bent to the pilot's right, and I notice that pictures of the aerobirds on the web seem to have the same problem. It took some shaping to get it straighten. After the 5th flight, I saw that the front dowel holding the rubber bands is bent; a peek inside shows that it is broken. Thank goodness that the plane landed safely. If the wing detached because of the broken dowel while in flight, it could have hurt somebody. My guess is the Challengers' line of dowels are of less quality somehow. I have 2 Commander and 2 Fighterbirds and their dowels never break before. I called Hobbyzone customer service and they say to fix it myself because the dowel cost is less than shipping cost. I asked if they will pay for shipping because warranty should cover this. They said no. Thank you customer of no service!

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