Aerobird Challenger wing repair

Hi there,
I am an absolute beginner in the RC plane field.
I bought myself an Aerobird Challenger and started to learn flying on my
own. Of course a major crash occured, aside from lots of small ones. The
wing got broken in 2 pieces about one third from one end of the wing. The
wing is made from some sort of foam covered with plastic foil.
My question is: If I have no intention to perform any aerobatics, just plain
flying around, is it safe to put the pieces together with tape? Any other
options aside from buying a new wing? I know I am going to crash it a lot
and don't want to spend the cost of another plane on wings.
Picture of the broken wing is available if required. I can post it on some
binaries ng.
Please do not flame if this is not the right news group for this question. I
am only looking for advice.
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Clear packing tape should be fine. For a little extra strength put a peice or two of strapping tape (the kind with fiberglass strands running thru it) lengthwise, top and bottom on the wing. Poly-U or foam safe CA should be able to glue it back together as well.
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I did some nice repair jobs with normal white Wood glue. CA could be dangerous cause its disolves foam. Always test it on a save place.
Some other final touch is lightweight filler, found in the local handymanstore. its used to fill hole's in foam ceiling and wall decoration.
Good luck
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Geberaly speaking, If you do a good job of taping it back together. That is a neat job that dosent look like 30 foot of tape wraped around it, It should be ok.. If you would like to do a more permanant fix to is, I recomend getting some gorilla glue. It makes a very strong and semi flexable bond. I use it to repair all creases and impact fractures on my ABC wings. It hasnt failed yet.. I have had wings that are taped fail again, but only when stressed. We tend to fly in allot of wind here.
I also carved out a channle in the underside of the wing right on its CG and imbeded a thick wooden skewer, secured with the gorilla glue of course. This stiffened the wing allot. I recomend adding the spar.
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Considering the importance of the wing, you'll find quick fixes don't generally last well. Still, you might try taping 1 or 2 tongue depressor sticks on it. A new wing will be your best choice though.
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Aerobird owners hang out there & can be most helpfull. --
Jim L.
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Jim Lilly
Buy a new wing, there around $15.00.......might be the better choice then fixing.
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Mike R.
Thaks to everyone who responded.
A spare wing was in the books anyways, but I'll try to fix the broken one. I have to make the most out of it. I am on the learning curve.
Happy flying, Cirip
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