Foam core wing repair help needed

Mix a big batch of 15 minute epoxy. Bend the wing enough to open the crack and slather in the pox. Brace it straight, wipe off the squeezed-out epoxy, and let dry. If it is balsa sheeted, cut the balsa back at an angle on bot hsides of the break, and insert a scarf piece, again using epoxy (most CA melts foam). Use spackling or Model Magic Filler to repair any dents in the foam. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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I have a Midwest Cardinal Squire that has suffered a broken wing in shipping. It is a foam wing, and although it didnt break completely in half it is bent and damaged almost to the point of breaking completely.

any suggestions?


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I'd be tempted to add micro baloons to the epoxy to lighten it up a bit, if yu have large gaps to fill, and possibly jigsaw a cut into the foam to put a brace or two in - maybe CF.

Otherwise as above.

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