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I am purchasing a yard stik. I have a little experience flying,and want something to toy with in the yard. Any suggestions with this model? Anyone have good or bad experiences with it? Any suggestions on things it need to be an over acheiever?

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Matt Windy
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. I am assuming you mean the Great Planes Yard Stick. If so, some good some bad Matt. The Yard Stick is a good stable flyer.........great for the beginner. That's the good news. The bad news. It is alittle underpowered, and you have to be careful when assembling it. Those plastic parts are easy to break especially the motor mounts. So make sure you test fit everything before you slide them onto the carbon fiber "stick" fuselage. You may have to sand/ enlarge the holes on some of the parts before ca'ing them into place. Check out

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for some info on assembly and upgrades. To make it an over achiever: 300 to 370 class brushed motor or brushless motor and lipo's. IMHO if you have not purchased it......check out the GWS Slow Stick. Out of the box the stock Slow Stick is a much better plane. Plenty of power and much easier to build. Both planes are good choices for the beginner to experinced pilot if you want a easy relaxing plane to fly. " toy with in the yard"...........these planes need some room to fly. Hope your yard is about the size of a baseball infeild, half a soccer or football feild. You need that room if you are a beginner.... :-)


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Mike R

I like my Yard stik. I did have to beef it up in the power departmen


brushed motor EPS-350c geared 6.6:1 10x8 prop 2s 700mah lipo.

brushless Himaxx 2015-4100 geared 6.6:1 10x7 apc sf prop 3s 1320 ma lipo.

Do a search on yard stik you will find some other informational thread on the Yard Stik

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