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Does anyone have experience with the GWS Slow Stik? Good, bad, indifferent oppinions welcome-. Looking at it as replacement of Firebird 2, which I am highly disappointed in...something I can teach my son on, possibly.


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James Eary
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I've had an absolute ball with my slow stik. Although I'm not sure I would recommend it for a beginner. Also, if you fly in windy areas, you might want to shelf it for calmer days. It can be a bit brittle but with an 8.4v

1200mah LI-PO it is worth every penny. Try and keep it as light as possible. I used micro servos, a very small 10 amp esc/bec and a Cirrus SC receiver.

Good luck.

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check out the GWS e-starter. That has to be the absolute best little beginner type park flyer I've seen. Great flyer. stable, launches with just a push. takes off from grass with the big wheels. looks like a cessna.

Very durable foam airplane that builds in an evening. Even if you crash hard, I've seen them busted up pretty good and flying again an hour later after some field fixes with 5 minute epoxy.

you can probably rejig your firebird batteries to fit this plane.

cheers astroflyer

park flyer plans

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Lots of beginners flying it in my area. I'm teaching my 9yr old daughter to fly on one. If you live somewhere consistently windy you'll want something bigger/heavier.


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Jim. I have been flying the socks off mine. I love it. It is just fun to fly. Just my $.02 worth Dale

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Love mine.....easy to fly...durable....neighbors love to watch....convinced them it's not heavy enough to hurt anything.....really is a SLOW flyer. Much more relaxing than my DPM Ultimate!!

Phil AMA609

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Yes, all good. Excellent flier, you can even thermal it. The only issue like others have said, is you are limited in the amount of wind you can handle. But a little light breeze is no big deal. You don't have to go insane with submicro equipment, just light equipment.

I use 8 cells which really ups the climb performance. Both my sons have built up more stick time on this than any other a/c I've let them fly. The older son learned how to take off and land with it in no time, the younger guy was comfortable at moderate altitude very quickly.

Mike D.

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M Dennett

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Ron Weisskopf

Well you have an EPS300C motor with the D gearing then.

Just run it at part throttle on the bench a couple of times before flying.

The true faddist approach is to remove the motor from the gearbox, hook

it up to about 3V worth of dry cells or Nicads, and dunk it running in a glass of water.

When the water is nice and murky, you will have ground teh brushes to fit the commutator, and a blow dry and application of light oil wiill set your hair^H^H^H^Hmotor up nicely.

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The Natural Philosopher

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