Park flyer recommendation / Hobbico Flyzone Park Pilot?

Hello all-
I've been researching electric park fliers for a while now, and
based on recommendations in this newsgroup and other forums, I'm
considering the GWS Slow Stick and the Hitec Sky Scooter Pro II.
I have some RC flight experience, but it's been a few years, so I'm
looking for something stable and slow. 3-channel is also a must
(ruling out the Firebirds, etc.) I've gathered that the scooter is
actually pretty quick, at least compared to the Slow Stick. Is it too
quick for a beginner?
The other that looks interesting is the Hobbico Flyzone Park Pilot.
I haven't seen any comments (positive or negative) on this model.
Does anyone have any experience with this model?
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Korey Atterberry
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I've had quite a few parkflyers. The GWS Slow Stik is by far my favorite. Has enough power to ROG even on grass and climb out with authority. It will do a little few aerobatics....will loop no problem from level flight , do something slightly resembling a snap roll , something between a wingover and a stall turn ,but the most fun is just poking around low and slow. Will fly at a walk and hover, not prop hang , at about a 30 degree angle in the slightest breeze. I love mine.I Just bought another last week.
Out of curiosity I tried a Speed 400 with a gearbox and it was a real dog , so I went back to the stock motor. You gotta keep it light. I hear some guys are doing all sorts of things with a brushless in the 010 size.
I fly this more than my Flip 3D and pattern plane. lots of fun.
Ken Day
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Ken Day
(Sorry if this is a somewhat duplicate post - my news reader died on me during the previous post)
For those of you who are recommending/have flown the Slow Stick, I was curious about what type of flight gear is required. Some of the web advertisements claim that you can use standard servos, etc. I wondered about if this worked in reality. I have a 5CH Futaba PCM/FM radio with 9CH receiver (1.5 oz), some standard servos, and a simple ESC. Can I use any of this gear? Could I perhaps get some small servos to save weight and get away with not buying a new receiver (cost being the issue). If not, can anyone recommend any good, inexpensive equipment to finish the model?
On another note, how is the durability of the slow stick? Can it take a beating like the firebird line supposedly can? I know it's pretty cheap, it'd be nice if I didn't have to buy replacement parts (or a whole kit) constantly. I saw a guy at a local park over the weekend with a Firebird commander. He nosed it straight into the ground once, cartwheeled it a second time, and could still fly it to show it off to me.
Thanks, Korey
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Korey Atterberry
It's not as sturdy as a firebird, but the lighter weight compensates for that. You have to work at it to cause major damage. The only crash I've seen need replacement parts was a wing hit at full throttle to a light pole with subsequent 18 foot fall.
I've seen them fly with full size gear. They seem to do OK.
I fly my daughter's Slow Stick all the time. (sorry sweetie, I'm just trying to trim it out better....)
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